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Wednesday, Apr. 9th - 4:47pm - Anne Kearney
There are no upcoming Fresh Stop events planned for this Fresh Stop group. We will be in touch!

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Share Pickup Address

Mosaic Church
4401 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

What is a Fresh Stop Share? A  produce box filled with fresh, seasonal, sustainably grown vegetables, purchased directly from local farmers. 

Pick-up Location
Mosaic Church
4401 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001


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Note: You must pick up your share during the pick-up or you produce will be donated. 

How does buying a Fresh Stop Share address food inequality? If you're low-income, our sliding-scale pricing makes vegetables affordable at half the price of "traditional" supermarket foods. Check the scale below to see if you qualify. If you are higher-income, your participation makes produce available to low-income families.

How does buying a Fresh Stop Share help the environment? Vegetables from grocery stores typically travel a long way from a farm to the store. This travel contributes to global warming. By learning to enjoy seasonal local vegetables we can do a small part to reduce climate change. Also, industrial farming, as is the norm for grocery store produce, typically uses fertilizers that require energy to produce. Even many organic farms import fertility from great distances. We strive to find farmers that practice sustainable farming.

How does food relate to my faith? When we contemplate the communion table, we find that the ordinary is sacred. It's a place where rank and class can be lessened for a time. Fresh Stop gives us a chance to act as good caretakers of Creation and helps us practice cultivating good relationships with one other.